The Purple Cat Fundraiser

This year we will be selling Purple Cat Discount Cards to offer savings at area businesses.  These cards cost $10 per card and are valid until June 2011.  The card essentially pays for itself and we are excited to offer this fundraiser to assist with our clients’ activity fun.  For the 2010 campers, it is possible for someone to sell enough discount cards to cover the cost of their entire camping trip, all they have to do is sell 20 cards.  Campers that sell less than 20 tickets will be able to reduce the cost of the trip by they number of cards they sell as each card will deduct $5.00 off the cost of the trip.  For our individuals that are going camping and havent’ sold any cards, the final cost of the camp trip will be $150.00.

Cards are available through The Purple Cat by calling 330-536-2100.

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