Golden String & The Pepsi Refresh Project

Golden String has applied for a $50,000 grant through the Pepsi Refresh Project.  And they are seeking the help of the local Youngstown community to help them win.  The grant will fund a handicapped-accessible therapy pool for adults with special needs at The Purple Cat Day Program facility in Coitsville.  The pool will promote health & wellness to a physically underactive population.

 Golden String is calling their project The Joe Gallagher Birthday Wish Project in honor of one of the company’s oldest clients.  Gallagher, who is 68 and diagnosed with Down Syndrom, dreams of swimming like Michael Phelps at the Special Olympics.  In addition to fulfilling his dream, the pool will allow all Golden String clients with physical and developmental disabilities an opportunity to exercise and receive therapy in a fun, exciting new way.  A new therapy pool at the day program facility will allow the clients to have access to an on-site wellness program that would provide exercise, therapy and loads & loads of fun.  This population is often vulnerable to unhealthy, inactive lifestyles due to lack of community accessible facilities and limited financial resources.

 With more than $1.3 million available, Golden String needs votes to win the Pepsi Refresh Project so they are asking for help from anyone who wants to offer their help.  Please visit to cast your vote.  Voting ends on July 31st and you can vote daily for this one-of-a-kind project.

Thank you in advance!!!

“I want to swim like Phelps.” – Joe Gallagher

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