January Employee Spotlight: Claudia Allen

Q. How many years have you worked at ISLE?
A. 8 years

Q. What department do you work in?
A. ISLE residential

Q. Name someone else from ISLE (a client) that inspires you and why?
A. This is a hard question. All my clients inspire me in different ways. My first inspiration and reason why I came to ISLE is Joe Gallagher. His tender love and naughty smile, his mischievous ways to get what he wanted, his unconditional love… he taught me so much!

I never knew “true, pure, love” really was possible in this life until I met little Joe. Although he is not with us here on earth he will always be in my heart. I think about him every day for one reason or other. To this day, his memory pulls me through the rough days. I still learn something new every day from my current clients, and like I said each and every one of them inspire me in a different way, to be better and do more, I love them all, but my first inspiration was little Joe.

Q. What is you favorite candy bar?
A. Anything with peppermint. The stronger the better and chocolate. Altoids come to mind. Hummm are they consider a candy bar?? I guess I can also say Rollos.

Q. What is your favorite breakfast cereal?
A. Old fashion oatmeal

Q. Name one of your favorite songs and why.
A. Jet plane by John Denver. It was a song that I could identified with when I made the decision to leave my home, family, country, culture, food etc to come to the United States

Q. If you could be any animal, what would it be?
A. Bird

Q. Who is your favorite goldenstringradio.org DJ?
A. Mark Castro

Q. What is your favorite game show of all time?
A. Family Feud.

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