Farmer Casey’s Acquires Art from Daniel Horne

On December 28, 2013, ISLE and the Purple Cat were fortunate to acquire a unique work of art from local artist, Daniel Horne.

The “Joe Gallagher Bell” is now on display at Farmer Casey’s Ranch in Coitsville, Ohio. This interactive art was created on commission by the employees of ISLE Inc. and the Purple Cat. The employees approached Daniel and asked him to create a work of art inspired by Joe Gallagher, ISLE’s first client. Daniel initially was going to create a work in metals that resembled Joe but, instead went in a totally different direction with the bell.

The bell is created in metal, with a recycled tank serving as the head, shoulder, and waist of the bell. A recycled banister post serves as an outside clapper. “Little does Daniel know, that Joe Gallagher was once expelled from the St. Columba school for ringing their bell while school was still in session,” explained Jimmy Sutman. “I love that all of our folks, including our friends in wheelchairs will now be able to ring a bell in Joe’s honor.”

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