The Fishing Cat

ISLE is home to another spectacular piece of art! The ‘Fishing Cat’ masterpiece was done by local artist, Jason Van Hoose. It is located at the 107 W. federal Bldg, (behind the former ISLE office on Phelps..between the Federal Appeals Court & Roberto’s.)

Van Hoose said, “I enjoy painting animals and sometimes I paint portraits of creatures that inspire me.” We love that he enjoys painting animals because We think animals make the world a better place! “The Fishing Cat painting is based on my friend’s cat named CICI (See See)…I always thought CiCi was a very special cat,” said Van Hoose.

Van Hoose has been creating wonderful works of art since he was a small child. He has been working as a professional artist for over thirty years. And we think his work is AWESOME! He has shown his work in galleries in New York City, Columbus, Warren, and of course Youngstown. Exhibitions of his work have been housed at the Butler Art Museum & The McDonough Museum of Art in downtown Youngstown.

Jason’s favorite Youngstown Pizza is Avalon! His favorite band is Infidels from Youngstown. He loves all animals, but cats & birds interest him most.

The ‘Fishing Cat’ took Jason several weeks to create, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Come check out this beautiful work of art. Maybe it will make you want to go fishing. Maybe you will wish you were a cat that is fishing. Just go enjoy Jason’s latest masterpiece!

For more information on Jason Van Hoose Art, contact him at . If interested in purchasing a piece of his, visit his website at

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