Iron and String Life Enhancement

At Iron and String Life Enhancement, our mission is to sustain the well being of our clients by promoting fulfillment in a pleasing and caring environment. ISLE is a person centered planner. The individual is always at the heart of the service process.

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Tribute to Matt Campbell Now at Farmer Casey’s Ranch

A giant artistically painted, cement, cowboy boot is now outside of the gazebo at the Purple Cat at Farmer Casey’s Ranch. The boot is an ode to our departed friend, Matt Campbell. Matt passed away on August 28, 2016. Matt loved the Old West and cowboys. In fact, Matt considered himself a true cowboy and [...]

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Eric Alleman Art Featured on ISLE Office

Isle Inc. is proud to unveil a work of art by Youngstown artist, Eric Alleman. The piece is located on the back wall of the ISLE main office at 12 South Phelps Street. The work is open to quite a bit of interpretation but I feel it is a commentary on psychological services and psychological [...]

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