New Items available at The Purple Cat

The Purple Cat Pepper Pickin’ Patch had a fabulous garden this year.  Each of our raised garden beds were full of produce that was planted and cared for by our amazing clients.  As promised, agriculture was in full speed when we moved our facilities from Struthers to Farmer Casey’s Ranch in June.  The clients learned how to plant, compost and harvest all of their vegetables and as a result of this great season, we have been busy making all kinds of goodies!

The Purple Cat is thrilled to offer for sale their homemade, delicious Jalepeno & Habanero Pepper Jelly’s and Jim Bean HOT Mustard.  They are selling like hotcakes so get your order in TODAY!!

8 oz. Jalepeno Pepper Jelly $5.00

8 oz. Habanero Pepper Jelly $5.00

8 oz. Jim Beam HOT Mustard $5.00

Contact or call (330) 536-2100 to place your order!

Suggested uses for the Hot Pepper Jelly….

  • Topped over cream cheese spread on a cracker
  • As a salad dressing
  • Delicious on crab, zucchini or salmon cakes for an added sweet bite
  • As a marinade on grilled chicken
  • Our favorite….spread on our grilled cheese!




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