July Staff of the Month: Jason Murphy

Q. How many years have you worked at ISLE?
A. I’ve had the pleasure of working for ISLE for one year and counting.

Q. What department do you work in?
A. I work in ISLE’s Autism Program where I integrate our clients into everyday situations in the community. I provide respite care to families with children on the spectrum as well. I assist two of our Dj’s with “Hope for the Heart” our broadcast on Golden String Radio. I also provide direct care in some of our residential facilities. I’m happy to go where I’m needed.

Q. Name someone else from ISLE (a client) that inspires you and why?
A. Talk about a difficult question! I’m truly inspired by each and every one of our clients that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. That being said, Nicky Bevilacqua and I shared the start of our journey with ISLE and continue to grow and progress together. Me starting a new position with a new agency while Nicky was leaving his childhood home and starting his new life at St Matthias. Over the course of the last year, he and I have made great strides side by side. I witness the strength and bravery of a determined man whose obstacles and challenges dwarf my own. Any frustrations or anxieties I may have seem insignificant and selfish in comparison. I truly look to him as a source of inspiration

Q. What is your favorite candy bar?
A. Baby Ruth! Because of Chunk and Sloth of The Goonies. They shared one and saved the neighborhood.

Q. What is your favorite breakfast cereal?
A. Boo Berry!

Q. Name one of your favorite songs and why?
A. Entitlement by Jack White is in heavy rotation right now. Lyricism and composition like that on a new popular release is both moving and encouraging. They lyrical content strikes a chord
with me personally. “They take like Caesar and nobody cares- live like Caesar
and nobody cares. I can’t bring myself to take without penance- or atonement
or sweat from my brow”.

Q. If you could be any animal, what would it be?
A. I’ve always wanted to be able to breathe underwater. Explore the depths of the ocean. Very otherworldly.
There are some pretty nasty predators down there so I guess I’d better do so as a great white shark. That would be a hoot!

Q. Who is your favorite goldenstringradio.org DJ?
A. Mark Castro, it’s always wonderful to listen to his broadcasts. His knowledge of popular music coupled with his own musical talent make him a very entertaining and interesting Golden String Dj. It’s also my privilege to share the stage with Mark in Geo C and The Storm. Amazing guy!

Q. What is your favorite game show of all time?
A. Vincent Price, Alice Cooper era The Hollywood Squares.

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