Andrew Thomas and Family Donate Ramp for Bowling

One of the best aspects of living in the Youngstown area is the kindness of his inhabitants. The Thomas family of Liberty is a prime example. Andrew Thomas along with his many family members (Mary and Richard are Andrew’s parents) have banded together to donate a portable bowling ramp operated by an automatic switch. The round, purple switch allows individuals with significant physical disabilities to bowl more independently. Want to check it out? Please observe our Golden String Bowling League on Wednesday evenings (6-9) at Camelot Lanes in Boardman, Ohio. Donations from Thomases across the United States came pouring in for the ramp. Literally, from San Diego, California (Liz, Dominic, Deanna, George, Isabella, and Phyllis) to Amherst, New Hampshire (donation on behalf of Lisa Thomas), philanthropic Thomases revealed their kind souls.

So, the Thomases of Youngstown are great but if you are part of this Thomas Family, You are great no matter where you live! Thank you!



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