Purple Cat Moves to Farmer Casey’s Ranch

In June 2009, The Purple Cat moved its facilities over to Farmer Caseys Ranch in Coitsville.  The 2,500 square foot addition was completed with much anticipation from the clients and staff.  The new facility continues to feature the activities The Purple Cat has always offered over the years but will also include several new areas. 

The Purple Cat Cafe is now available with merchandise and pre-packaged lunch available for sale. 

There is also a new media center at the location developed to create Purple Cat news for the clients and have job opportunities posted for the clients to apply for paid positions at the ranch.  

An outdoor pavilion was built in July to house picnics, fitness and other outdoor activities.  

Other outdoor activities include the beautiful garden the clients have cared for over the last couple of months at the ranch.  Clients have already began picking gorgeous tomatoes and peppers and they are available for anyone interested. 

COMING SOON!  An in-house, on-line radio station complete with speakers and a microphone is in the works at the ranch.  The staff is working on setting up the radio station for clients to take turns being a DJ for the day – playing the music of their choice and even interviewing staff and other clients.  More to come later…even some advertising opportunities.

Below are some new pictures of the Purple Cat clients enjoying all the amenities at the Ranch.

Summer Pics at The Purple Cat at Farmer Casey’s Ranch