Golden Ticket of Kindness Nominations

In 2007, Golden String began giving away The Golden Ticket of Kindness Award.  It is a grant to deserving individuals with special needs outside of their mental or physical disability.  The award, in the form of a monetary donation, gift of merchandise or a Golden String service to name a few, is given away on a monthly basis.  The recipients of this award first need to be nominated by anyone within or outside the Golden String family.  Some of the past awards received have been cash giveaways, gift cards, shoes, mattress pads, bedding, clothing, paid utilities and free participation in Golden String activities.  Nominations are accepted daily and the chosen recipient is decided by the board at the standard monthly board meeting.

Golden String receives a minimum of 5 nominations each month and while we wish we could award each one, we simply cannot financially do so. Therefore, we are opening up the nominations to friends and family of Golden String.  Below are nominations we received in the last month that we were unable to award.  If you would like to donate and sponsor any of the clients below, please contact board treasurer Dini Ricchiuti at (330) 719-4635.

Ernie W.
Ernie received 2 nominations this month.  The first by James Sutman, friend and service provider for Ernie.  Ernie suffers from moderate mental retardation and has an organic brain disorder.  His room at St. Matthias is very spacious, however it does not have any closets.  He needs a cupboard or wardrobe piece to hang his church clothes.  He could also use a dresser for many of his belongings.

The second nomination for Ernie came from Carla Santangelo, ISLE’s Business Manager and Rodney Duggar.  Ernie would like to attend Golden String’s annual camping trip coming up in August.  The cost to attend is around $125 and while his house managers have donated $50 of that amount for Ernie to attend, he will still need to come up with the remaining $75 cost.

Matt D. and Josh S.
Matt and Josh have been nominated by Terry Valentino, site supervisor for ISLE.  Matt has been diagnosed with moderate mental retardation, ADD and cerebral palsy.  Josh’s disability is profound mental retardation, seizure disorder and Verruca on his hands.  Much like Ernie, Matt & Josh would love to attend the Golden String camping trip however, they do not have the finances to do so.  Any help Matt & Josh can receive would be greatly appreciated.

For any additional information on the clients above, please contact Dini at (330) 719-4635.  Thank you so much.

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