Farmer Casey’s Ranch to Get Waste Water Lines

A nearly $600,000.00 grant was obtained by the Mahoning County Commissioners through the Special Projects Office to run waste water lines up to and past Farmer Casey’s Ranch in Coitsville, Ohio.

ISLE and the Purple Cat are very thankful to Carol Rimedio-Righetti, David Ditzler, and Anthony Traficanti (Mahoning County Commissioners). ISLE and the Purple Cat would also like to thank the Ohio Development Services Agency, Office of Community Development, Kathy Zook and the Appalachian Regional Commission Federal, Ohio State Appalachian Regional Commission, the Mahoning County Sanitary Engineering Department, Coitsville Township (trustees Greg Haren, Phylis Johnson, and Gerald Backo), John Kwolek from the EPA and the Special Projects Office of Mahoning County for their funding and efforts.

ISLE and the Purple Cat someday hope to build an indoor pool at Farmer Casey’s Ranch and obtaining the waste water lines were a huge first step in the right direction. The waste water lines will be installed in spring of 2014.

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