Anita Ohlin, Beauty Personified

Hello friends of ISLE!

It is with deep sadness that I report the passing of our friend Anita Ohlin. Anita was a client of ISLE and a true friend. She was, very importantly, the long time girlfriend of our dear friend, Ted Hardie.

I first met Ted and Anita while working at Bev Road Masco in 1994. I was in charge of running the food service counter and they were two of my first employees. Talk about the ideal “face” people for a business: cute, dedicated, and most of all, kind.

Anita was a gift directly sent from God. She knew of no other way to live other than to smile her way through it. Anita found delight and surprise in things that most of us take for granted. She will be missed!

I wish you peace,
Jimmy Sutman

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